My BIPOC Peer Learning Cohort Experience

The best part about life is that oftentimes you are not aware of what you need until you receive it. The element of surprise and satisfaction that comes with filling a void that you did not know existed brings a joy that there are not enough words to sum up. The Five Frogs Peer Learning Cohort was exactly that. I signed up hoping to have the ability to connect with like-minded People of Color, and left with a group of colleagues, friends, and a cohort that I know I can turn to.

Working in a predominantly white space can often feel isolating and emotionally laborious. Knowing that I had this cohort and knowing that I could enter unmasked and bring my true self was liberating. Being in space with individuals who got it and not needing to explain or teach was phenomenal. Our leader created a space where we could feel comfortable, appreciated, but most importantly SEEN.

There are not enough words to describe the invaluable feeling of an affinity group such as this cohort. While I knew I needed an outlet, and space to remove the mask, I did not understand or know that I needed it in this form. This became a sacred and secret space for me. I looked forward to meeting, and enjoyed closing my door and having a moment to connect with individuals, in a way I did not get anywhere else. After each meeting, I took time to exhale, re-open my door, and knew that the slice of heaven I just received was mine, and mine to enjoy.

I felt heard, seen, appreciated, and valued. Therefore, while you may be thinking this is just another meeting or another thing to do, I urge you to reconsider and understand that the value this cohort brings is more than you will ever recognize from the paragraph description that comes with the invitation. If you are seeking a circle of support this is the place you want to be. Get your cup refilled, so that you can be the best version of you for those that need it.

Be Well,

Nehemie Moise
Director of Student & Family Support
Horizons at New Canaan Country School