Leading for equity together

Leaders develop other leaders

Group coaching offers leaders a rich experience to learn from one’s own experience as well as through the experience of others. When Five Frogs leaders learn together, it is mutually inspiring, energizing and deeply meaningful.

What are the benefits of small group coaching?

In group coaching, every leader benefits from productive, trusting relationships with their peers and the coach. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect at a deep level with other leaders working towards equity 
  • Create a confidential space to experiment, learn and grow 
  • Take your leadership to the next level
  • Share your gifts, strengths & experiences with peers
  • Experience personal discovery and transformation 
  • Have fun and meet new people

How does group coaching work?

Small groups of 4-5 leaders commit to each other and to a series of coaching sessions.

  • A professional coach convenes and facilitates a series of sessions with the group
  • Groups may meet virtually or in-person, or a blend of both
  • The group decides the discussion
  • The group may be an affinity group, and may be assembled by Five Frogs or by the leaders themselves
  • Each member commits to participating in every session and pays a fee for the coaching
  • Five Frogs recruits and supports many diverse coaches to lead the groups

“Group coaching was a way for me to slow down and take a breath to take a long view of my leadership perspective. Sharing the experience with new colleagues in a similar profession helped show me that we all face similar challenges and opportunities and the group experience allowed for insights that I do not think would have been possible in a one on one coaching experience.”

Bridget Fox, Five Frogs Leader
Chief of Staff to Mayor Caroline Simmons, City of Stamford