A message from our Executive Director

Greetings, Five Frogs leaders and friends!

I am thrilled to introduce myself to those I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting and to reconnect, in my new role, with those whom I know. I hope you are faring well emotionally and physically and thriving professionally.

Four months ago, I assumed the inaugural Executive Director role at Five Frogs and since then, I have had the pleasure of meeting dozens of impassioned stakeholders who share our vision for an equitable Connecticut.

Originally from New York, Connecticut has been home for the past 21 years. It is here, where I found my “why,” and developed a deep desire for mission driven work.

In my prior role as Sr. Director of the Fund for Women & Girls, which I assumed for nearly a decade, I developed lots of muscle memory and the transition to Five Frogs has required active mindfulness. This process is gradual, at times challenging and uncomfortable, yet incredibly introspective and meaningful.

What works in one setting does not necessarily work in another; this transition has forced me to reckon with the need to learn, unlearn and relearn. Work environments and situations are dynamic; workloads and resources change and so must one’s leadership management style. I am learning what it truly means to lead adaptively. How are you leading adaptively and keeping pace with the speed of change?

As we look ahead, I look forward to partnering with you to advance our mission of building a powerful movement of diverse, representative leaders with the competencies, mindset, drive and relationships necessary to create lasting, positive change for an equitable Connecticut.

Connecticut leaders, especially leaders of color and those from underrepresented groups, need more opportunities to learn, lead, connect and grow. To support them, we will expand our highly regarded programs, offer in-person networking opportunities, build the political power of leaders and provide more chances for peer learning.

I am eager to hear from you, so drop me a line with your ideas or to share a professional milestone. As a leader in the Five Frogs community, you are our greatest asset! Thank you for the work you do each and every day in your respective communities to make Connecticut a just and better place for all.

In community,
Tricia Hyacinth
LDR 2013 Waterbury Cohort